26 October 2010

How to create widgets Auto install Blogger

How to create widget auto install blogger ??,,

Habits if we want to put something we need to insert the widget code to add gadget.Tetapi there a way how he would make something widgets to auto install. This method makes it easier for visitors to the blog put something on their blog widget.

Actually this method has been widely used by bloggers as a tool that is easy and plugins that will help you to promote a website with blogger.com machine.

To make it you just need to insert the following code:

<form action="http://beta.blogger.com/add-widget" target="_blank" method="post"><input value="Judul untuk widget anda" name="widget.title" type="hidden"><textarea rows="3" cols="5" style="display: none;" name="widget.content">MASUKKAN KOD WIDGET DISINI</textarea><input value="Pasang Translator Widget" class="button" name="go" type="submit"></form>

MASUKKAN KOD WIDGET DISINI = change with the widget code that will be made to install Automatic.

Judul untuk widget anda = Title for the widget.

Pasang Translator Widget = Description of a button.

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